Followers of Christ serve because Christ served. In Mark 10:45, Scripture says that Jesus came not to be served, but to serve and to give His life as a ransom. If our desire is to be more like Christ then we understand that service will be a part of our lives.

Learn One. Serve One. is an effort to encourage all of us toward deeper spiritual growth. Learn one hour by being in the worship service, and serve one hour by volunteering in an area of ministry. Learn One. Serve One. is an invitation to stay two hours on Sunday mornings, providing an increased opportunity to grow in Him.

We ask everyone to pray over what Learn One. Serve One. looks like for you. God will show you where your talents and availability meet the needs your church body at Chapel Hill. And then, we ask you to commit to serve.

The Learn One. Serve One. Directory is a resource that identifies areas of service at Chapel Hill. In each ministry listing, there is a person to contact when you are ready to commit to serve. Or, fill out the form below to indicate your commitment.

If you’re unsure where to serve, perhaps  taking a Spiritual Gifts test will help. Select the following link to find out how God has uniquely gifted you!

Spiritual Gifts Online Assessment

Let’s all Serve One. together!  Sign Up Here!

Current Opportunities
Serve One. with Pathways
We desire to reach all familes for Jesus. We know there are several families in our church and in our community that have one or more family members who have a special need. Pathways is our Sunday morning ministry focused on guiding families with special needs to Christ.
We have opportunities for volunteers to be Guides (one-on-one buddies with kids in their regular classroom) and in The Joy Room (self-contained classroom for kiddos that have their own space to learn about Jesus).
You can sign up here and for more information.
Serve One. with College Care    

If you’ve seen the movie God’s Not Dead or know a current college student, then you know that college is an increasingly difficult place for Christian students to stand firm in their faith. We want to help Chapel Hill college students feel connected to their church family and encouraged in their faith as they head to college this year!

College Care is a group of individuals or families who intentionally reach out to our college students through periodic touches such as prayer, encouraging notes or emails, or small care packages. New sponsors are needed! We are asking each sponsor to make a one-year (2014-15 school year) commitment. You are welcome to continue sponsoring your student until they graduate, if desired. For more information or to sign up, contact Kristy Duncan (765-437-1105 or

Some Creative Ideas for Encouraging Your Student

You can do as much or as little as you choose. The idea is to make them feel special and let them know they are loved. These ideas will get you started! 

  • Pray for your student & their families daily
  • Emails to just to say hello
  • Send words or scriptures of encouragement
  • Small gift cards
  • Care packages with things that interest your student (sports, hobbies, etc.)
  • Cards on holidays and birthday